How can I bring you

closer without the fear of

suffocating you?

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It’s funny how artistic we become when our hearts are broken. Hotel Books, I Always Thought I Would Be Okay (via senyahearts)

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Be proud of yourself for how hard you’re trying. mhconsumer (via mhconsumer)

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Q: Hi!, I asked for advice the other day so here it goes, I'm in a relationship and without boring you with too many details i'm mostly afraid my negativity and nervous habits will affect my relationship. We've been together almost a year and I have no doubt about my feelings for him and vice versa, but I want to become more positive and less dependent on other people for my happiness, my negativity and nervousness make it hard for me to give space which i know is important :/

hmm, well I don’t think you should be doing this just for your relationship but for yourself as well. And a relationship also requires a balance of both independence and co-dependence. It’s hard to kind of tell you how to be positive and how to live a positive life style because it’s one of those things you just do. Everyday is a journey. Each person finds their way to a positive lifestyle. For me, I found my pma through spiritual practices. I meditate, I try to yoga as often as possible, I stay active and I engage in crystal healing. I try to rid myself of negative energy and influences through crystal healing and meditation. I still have bad days but on those days I try and do one thing for myself-whether that be drawing something, calling a friend, exploring and so on. I take my happiness into my own hands. I’m tempted at times to vent to a loved one about the bs I dealt with-and sometimes I still vent-but most importantly I do something for myself. Is say just do some soul searching, get I tune with yourself and fall in love with yourself a little more-that will not only help you but your relationship as well. I’m completely comfortable with myself now and that helps me stay positive. And being so comfortable with myself allows me to cut out negative people in my life and make hard decisions such as whether or not too quit a job because I’m not happy. Find your niche, fall in love with yourself and that’ll help with your journey to positivity. I hope this helps.

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